Our Company Insights.

KAL Safety is an initiative of medical experts that was born from the dire need of medical resources in the 60s. Medical experts realised that many deals were happening because companies manufacturing health tools were not health experts and did not understand the basic and fundamental aspect of the production. Many people lost their lives as a result of either poor quality of products or inadequate amount of most needed products in the health market.

This initiative was born in Europe and later on spread to America, Asia, Canada, etc, Today KAL Safety is a Group of Companies and is proud to have its presence in over 5 continents and in over 78 countries.

Message From CEO

The World today is facing a global challenge that if we as health experts do not stand up and face this pandemic with all we have, then our ancestors and future generations to come will judge us harshly. It is with this concerns that i as the CEO of KAL Safety has decided to dedicate all my company resources for the production and distribution of all related materials for the prevention and fight against the spread of Corona Virus. My company is ever ready to supply your needs for us all to combat this pandemic.

Dr. Prof. Konitzky Krescens And Prof. Dimitry Otechvich
General Manager:
Mrs. Katrin Hollstein